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Sunglasses for Dogs for their Protection

Many people may not understand why a great number of pet owners treat their dogs like a real member of the family. There are some dogs that are feted, pampered, and treated like a royalty. Some famous celebrities like Venus Williams and Paris Hilton always bequeath their dogs with gem-encrusted collars and designer’s clothing. Other than these two things, sunglasses for dogs are also one of the many things that humans like to give to their beloved pet.

The discount unisex sunglasses for dogs are available in different designs, sizes and shapes. The materials used are of great quality, the lenses are made of polycarbonate which is shatter and scratch resistant. The lenses used are anti-fog as well; this is to make sure that the dog’s vision isn’t impaired while wearing the sun glasses. The straps and the frames are usually made of nylon or plastic.

Some people may look at it as a flight of fancy or a mere whim to have their beloved pets wear Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. But this is not a whim but is actually very useful in protecting the eyes of your dog. Just like humans, dogs are also prone to eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. Some breeds could suffer from a condition known as “pannus” which is also called inflammation of the corneas or superficial keratitis. This condition is caused by repeated and prolonged exposure to direct sun or ultraviolet rays – which affect the eyes of both animal and human whether the day is cloudy or the sun is shining high.

Aside from this, it is not only the ultraviolet radiation that can cause damage to your dog’s eye; sunglasses for dogs can also protect them against the wind and airborne debris.

A lot of pet owners prefer not to take their dogs together with them during road travels, on vacation or even when in beach because their eyes could be irritated by the swirling dust, sand or other particles. In such kinds of situation sunglasses for dogs is a great help.

There are so many companies that are well known in producing good quality sunglasses for dogs. You may find cheap Burberry sunglasses for them. One of these companies is based in Munich, Germany known as Dog-Goes. This company is well known not just because of the high-quality sunglasses that they offer but because of the eye protection that it can provide for your dog. Another company that offers good eyewear for dogs is the California-based Doggles. They are the creator of excellent quality dog goggles. Their products have been featured in CNN as well as People Magazine. Since they offer quality goggles, it can prevent the passage of ultraviolet radiation and other airborne particles that could irritate the eyes of your pet. Most veterinarians would recommend getting an eye protection gear for your pets especially if you are going to take them outdoor.

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