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Tips on How to Identify Designer Sunglasses from Fake Sunglasses

Each individual would love to have their very own designer sunglasses. Aside from looking remarkably fashionable, designer sunglasses unisex can defend your eyes from the sun’s rays, and are very durable. Labels like Chanel, discount Versace sunglasses, Dolce and Gabbana, Designer sunglasses Balenciaga, Gucci, and Prada are famous designer brands for sunglasses. When famous personalities are seen in magazines with their most up-to date styles, they tend to set a trend on which labels will be the biggest splatter for the season. Price is the major concern why lots of people don’t own any Fendi or Coach glasses.

Designer brands sunglasses can cost roughly $200-$400. There are some models, whose prices are lower on the mentioned range. Nevertheless, the price is still expensive. They cost at least a hundred dollars each, not lower. It would be best that you buy these kinds of glasses when they are on sale. Generally, you can find lots of discounted branded glasses online. However, you should always be cautious, since there are some people who sell replicas and not the genuine ones. Getting the fake item means you did not get the feature that was supposed to be on your glasses and may be detrimental to your eye sight. Fake designer sunglasses shatter and break easily. These look like exact replicas of the original product but it does not provide the same defense from the sun. Typically, the lenses used for the replicas do not give you protection from the hazardous UV rays, and continuous exposure on such can damage your eyes over time. In order to make sure you don’t buy fake cheap Christian Dior sunglasses, you should follow these tips:

1. Look at the cost. Check the price of the genuine brand. When the seller offers the sunglasses below 85% of the original price, then you might as well think it over. Retailers won’t be able to earn if they would sell at a very low cost.
2. While looking through the internet, when you see phrases like “replica,” or “inspired by,|” then these sunglasses are fakes.
3. Observe the craftsmanship. You can do this by comparing photos and signatures. Look out for unlikely sizes, fonts and logo.
4. The Packaging is one of the essential things, which can help you figure out which one is which. Designer sunglasses should be sealed and packed neatly, and they should not be placed on ordinary plastics or boxes, except if they are secondhand items.
5. Try checking out the model numbers. Have some extra prints of some genuine sunglasses models on hand and see if it is the same as the model you are going to buy.

Always be vigilant with fake sunglasses because they are not good for your eyesight. Be patient, you will definitely find tempting discounts and be able to purchase genuine designer sunglasses.

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